momma loves: pom pom pets with kiwi crate

pom pom pets

It’s been one of those lazy mornings where the idea of taking off my bathrobe is more than I can bear. After deciding that it would definitely be a hide indoors kind of day, I knew that I’d need to pull some fun project out of my hat to ward off those guilty mom pangs that come part and parcel with laziness. A Kiwi Crate kind of day, if ever I saw one.

Around the time that we adopted our dog, Kiwi Crate sent a very timely crate that’s all about making your own pets and a pet playground. I briefly wondered if Kiwi Crate had hidden cameras in my home, then set the crate aside. Having a new pet of our own to care for and keep from destroying everything, I knew that random arts & crafts projects probably weren’t going to happen just yet. We won’t talk about the fact that that was two crates ago and that my office is starting to gather a collection of little green boxes.

Anyway, the dog was safely napping in his crate, my coffee was gone and my daughter was looking for trouble so I diverted her attention with, “Look BB! Let’s make Pom Pom Pets! What color should we make first!!!!Worked like a charm.

These little pom pom pets were super easy to make – I was surprised how little effort was involved. Wrap some yarn around a little c shaped yarn winder (included in the crate), tie tightly in the middle with pipe cleaner then snip the loops on either end and trim if needed. Apparently you could also use a rectangle shape of cardboard, a fork or even just your fingers. Add googly eyes and other decorations to make your own Pom Pom Pet. BB named hers Sofia and Amber because she’d just finished watching Sofia the First.

Of course she loved adding the decorations to her little pets and naming them and she did a little bit of the winding and cutting but quickly decided that it was more effort than she felt like putting into the project – but it took me only a couple of minutes to do the more involved steps. Her favorite part of the project may have been taking her new pets to the living room afterwards to watch more Sofia the First with them, but I’ll still consider this a successful morning project.