SPRING! Spotting the signs of my favorite season


We’re getting to that time of year when pretty much every tree has teeny tiny buds starting to pop and a few are becoming downright colorful. Slowly tip toeing into the season. The weather is reaching a point where the temps are high enough to ditch jackets when it isn’t raining (which is often unfortunately) and over the weekend we broke out the grill for the first time this year : we welcomed the start of Grilling Season with some beer brats & grilled stuffed mushroom caps. Our neighbors were also grilling and I’m sure we weren’t alone. We’ll be eating outdoors & wearing sandals for as long as possible here.

Of course the downside to my favorite season is that it’s also the beginning of allergy season which tends to run from early April until late November, just in time for cold and flu season to start! I’ve been trying to decide if one allergy medication will be enough this year or if I’ll need to go back on both of the meds I took last year which were pretty much just enough to keep me mostly alive. Last year was the worst allergy season I have ever endured and I’m hoping for a gentler season this year.

As much as my nose hates this time of year (and my throat, ears & head in general), I love Spring. The flowers blooming, the relief from briskly cold temperatures, the streets and yards finally free of snow and ice. Animals are emerging from hibernation and though this mean that my puppy is even more of a spaz than usual, the signs of life are thrilling and warmly welcomed. The sound of children playing outside can be heard pretty much every day now and sidewalk chalk, bubbles and water tables will be getting used a lot more now. It’s much easier to deal with a case of cabin fever, when you can go outside and enjoy your backyard or take a walk through the neighborhood to the local playground without needing a sweater, winter jacket, scarf, hat and mittens.

What’s your favorite season?

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  1. Meg Avatar

    My allergies only bug me in the Summer. When the hay gets cut. Ugh. I think my favorite season is fall. I love layering my clothes and my favorite color is brown.