What I’m Into Lately: April 29, 2013

happiest kids in the world

You’d never know it looking at this picture, but the kids had an absolute blast this weekend. It started with a somewhat impromtu trip to the UW Geology Museum. MM went on a field trip with his class, but the rest of us have never seen this free museum with rocks and castings of awesome dinosaur skeletons and much more.

black light exhibit

Our favorite exhibit was the black light room which shows you a display of rocks in varying levels of black lights so that on certain settings you see more or less colors. Very cool. Next to that was a little mock up of a cave where you could actually hear the dripping water if you stood inside long enough. BB liked to run from the black light room to the cave and back again. Over. And over. And over.

Other fun weekend memories: new sandals for the kids, digging up dandelions with daddy, dinner at Abuelo’s, grilling in the backyard, watching Brave & Rise of the Guardians with the kids, working on Mothers Day cards with the kids, and other things that I can’t remember now. It was a great, productive weekend with lots of beautiful weather.

What I’m reading:

Where'd You Go Bernadette by Maria SempleWhere’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple which my book club will be discussing at the end of the month. I’m about 150 pages in and enjoying it. The format of the book took a little getting used to as it’s sort of an epistolary style story, told through letters, emails, memos, etc. with a few paragraphs here and there narrated by Bernadette’s daughter, Bee.

“Bernadette Fox has vanished.

When her daughter Bee claims a family trip to Antarctica as a reward for perfect grades, Bernadette, a fiercely intelligent shut-in, throws herself into preparations for the trip. But worn down by years of trying to live the Seattle life she never wanted, Ms. Fox is on the brink of a meltdown. And after a school fundraiser goes disastrously awry at her hands, she disappears, leaving her family to pick up the pieces.

Which is exactly what Bee does, weaving together an elaborate web of emails, invoices, and school memos that reveals a secret past Bernadette has been hiding for decades. Where’d You Go Bernadette is an ingenious and unabashedly entertaining novel about a family coming to terms with who they are, and the power of a daughter’s love for her mother.”

TV show I’m excited about this week:

This week’s Idol should be pretty great seeing as the Top 3 girls have been my three favorites all season long. I’m also really looking forward to New Girl this week. Did anyone else squeal like a school girl at the end of last week’s episode?

Movie I watched recently:

This weekend Dan and I rented Silver Lining Playbook (in addition to the kids movies I mentioned above which were both sweet, adorable, great family movies) and we both really liked it. It was a strange, kind of beautiful movie. Major props to Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper who both did such an amazing job with their characters. I loved how the energy of the movie kind of flowed with the internal feelings of the characters. It felt frantic and crazy in parts and then at the end it was like everyone collectively, finally, exhaled. Great movie.

In my ears:
So during SNL, hubby and I both remarked that Of Monsters and Men were even more talented than we realized. We both really love the song Little Talks but watching them play it live gave us even more respect for the group. It was one of the better SNL performances I’ve seen (why is it that so many bands and musicians are borderline awful when performing on shows like SNL, The Ellen Show and such? Of Monsters and Men did a great job and I am thinking of looking into buying their album now.
Items of Note:
This week MM is the Star Student of the Week. I guess every week all year they have featured one kid and they bring in photographs and fill in little booklets all about themselves and celebrate that student all week in different ways. MM is all kinds of excited and a little nervous, too. This morning he asked me to style his hair to look like David Tennant (I did my best!) – too cute. On Friday he can have a class snack brought in and I’m thinking of running to World Market and getting a handful of packages of Jammie Dodgers to share with the class (the Doctor’s favorite cookie, of course).
What I’m Looking Forward to:

BB has her second ballet class this morning, hoping she goes in with more confidence this week and that her new ballet slippers give her some courage!

what are you into these days? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious?

    That looks like such a fun place.

    And, Silver Linings Playbook? Yes, so awesome. I think I should rent it again. It was amazing how well they did..and how slightly crazy they were!