Announcing: the Summer Reading Challenge @ mommablogsalot.com


summer reading challenge @ mommablogsalot

The other day I was perusing the websites for my local libraries and thinking about signing the kids up for Summer Reading Challenges. We’ve done them in the past with MM and he always enjoys them so I think I may sign up BB, too. Then I thought, “Why don’t I get a summer reading challenge?”

I’ve come to really enjoy the seasonal reading challenges that Kat @ Callapidder Days has done in the Spring and Fall and this summer I feel like keeping the momentum going with a personal challenge to read more this summer – and to read more of the books I already own.

I’d love it if you would join me and challenge yourself this summer to read the books (or magazines or newspapers, etc) that you have been meaning to read. Nothing complicated – pick some books or pick a number or any other reading related goal that you want to tackle this summer and go for it! We can check in with each other over the course of the summer and cheer each other on as we reach our goal!

I’ll try to figure out the whole Mr. Linky thing so that you guys can link up with me easily and we can all keep track of each other. In the meantime, start thinking about your reading goals this summer and typing up a post about it if you plan to join in. Want a cute button for your posts and sidebar? Feel free to use this one:


I know the summer season is a little different for everyone, depending on when your kids get out of school, so feel free to hop in on the challenge whenever you like. I’ll plan to officially start the challenge June 1st (a Saturday) and finish on September 1st. I’ll post a linky on June 1st where you can share your summer reading goals and another linky on September 2nd where you can submit posts about how your challenge went.

-update – I have been thinking about possible giveaways and prizes for the challenge and then I thought to myself, “Self, what do people who love books like to win? MORE BOOKS!” I think I can totally make this happen – more details soon!

Do you tend to read more or less in the summer months?

Are you planning to join the challenge? Let me know in the comments section below!

2 responses to “Announcing: the Summer Reading Challenge @ mommablogsalot.com”

  1. Catherine @ Book Club Librarian Avatar

    It’s official…I’ve joined the summer reading challenge! I announced it on my blog today: http://www.bookclublibrarian.com/2013/06/thursday-thoughts-summer-reading.html


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      So glad you are joining the challenge! Good luck with your summer reading!