Summer Reading BINGO 2020 | Free Printable

I just finished creating a summer reading challenge for 2020 because my kids have ONE WEEK LEFT of distance learning before our summer break begins! Is anyone else baffled by how fast and how slow quarantine seems to go at the same exact time? My kids are counting down the days and I’m trying toContinue reading “Summer Reading BINGO 2020 | Free Printable”

Summer Reading 2018: Choose Your Own Adventure (Free Printable)

A couple of years ago I started making summer reading challenges for my kids because I found the programs at the library a little lacking / redundant for a family of bookworms. My kids don’t need encouragement to read in the summer so keeping track of pages and titles seemed unnecessarily tedious for us andContinue reading “Summer Reading 2018: Choose Your Own Adventure (Free Printable)”

3 Graphic Novel Classics: Anne of Green Gables, Jane Eyre and A Wrinkle in Time

There is a new fad these days that is combining the world of graphic novel with the world of classic literature. Some seem to be more successful than others. My kids have been all about graphic novels this summer and I joined them in the genre with two graphic novel classics. I’m sharing my thoughtsContinue reading “3 Graphic Novel Classics: Anne of Green Gables, Jane Eyre and A Wrinkle in Time”

PRINTABLE | A Quick & Easy Summer Reading Challenge

Our summer vacation is coming to a close – two more weeks until my kiddos go back to school. I was looking over the summer reading bingo sheets today and thinking about what’s working and what isn’t working. I love a lot of things about this set up – my kids didn’t seem to get muchContinue reading “PRINTABLE | A Quick & Easy Summer Reading Challenge”

Summer Reading: August Check-in

Can you believe it’s August already? With only one month left in the summer reading challenge, now it is crunch time to finish our reading goals! Have you been making good progress with your reading or do you find yourself falling behind as the summer kicks into high gear? Last month I read 5 books:Continue reading “Summer Reading: August Check-in”

Summer Reading: July Check-in

It is officially the first day of July, so I thought I’d check in with my Summer Reading Challenge. I’ll be sharing how much progress I’ve made with my challenge and then asking some Summer Reading Questions. Feel free to play along on your own blog. In June I read: The Age of Miracles byContinue reading “Summer Reading: July Check-in”

Nightstand: June 2013

We are quickly approaching the end of yet another month and it’s time to check in with those fantastic ladies @ 5 Minutes for Books with a What’s On Your Nightstand? update. If you’ve never participated before, it’s super easy – just answer some or all of the following questions: What books have you readContinue reading “Nightstand: June 2013”