Our Summer Reading List

One of my personal goals for the summer is to read some great books out loud to the kids. We’ve got a lot of great possible read-alouds lying around – here are some of the books I’m planning to read to the kids some classics that I read and loved as a kid and a few new to me stories as well – also, The Hobbit which Dan has been reading the kids on and off for a couple months now.


Pippi Longstocking | May B | Little House in the Big Woods

The HobbitOtherwise Known As Sheila the Great | Johnny Tremain

The True Confessions of Charlotte DoyleIsland of the Blue Dolphins | Sophie Mouse

after thought: I’ll probably read Emily at least one Betsy Tacy book also.

– edit – I’m not sure if I’ll read May B to the kids or not. I’ve started reading it to myself and although I’m enjoying it and think it would sound good out loud, I’m unsure about the material being appropriate – will have to see how certain events play out and then decide. Anyone else read this to their kids? Thoughts?


And six books I’m hoping to tackle this summer:

Nobody’s Cuter Than You | I Regret Nothing | Paper Towns

Shine Shine Shine | Big Little Lies | The Heir

My list is shorter because my books are longer and I know myself – I probably won’t even finish all of these, but they are the ones I’m most excited to read.

What’s on your summer reading list?

3 responses to “Our Summer Reading List”

  1. Jean Avatar

    What is this book you speak of The Heir?! Why have I not known of this? Did it just come out? Still anxiously waiting for the next Lunar Chronicle. Noting this one for sure.


  2. Betsy Avatar

    That is a great list!


  3. Brittany Avatar

    What a great goal for your kids! I think you’ll like Big Little Lies..Liane Moriarty is great!