How much salt are you worth? Let the internet decide!

UPDATE: Since Google did not provide us with answers, behold! I have made my first online quiz and now YOU my friend can find out how much salt you are worth!

how much salt

Have you ever had a random thought that just absolutely ran away from you?

I was reading about how the Daily Mail wrote a sort of gossip rag piece on the Epic Baby Hair contest that ran on Mommy Shorts and how gracefully and with good humor she is responding to this new bit of press and really all the attention her blog is getting in general lately. And then I thought, “I love Mommy Shorts” and then I thought “Honestly, any blogger worth her weight in salt probably loves Mommy Shorts, she’s kind of The Big Cheese these days.

And then I thought, “How much is salt really worth? That is the most ridiculous expression ever,” and I Googled it’s origin even though I was pretty sure I already knew the answer.

“Sodium chloride, a.k.a. salt, is essential for human life and, until the invention of canning and refrigeration, was the primary method of preservation of food. Not surprisingly, it has long been considered valuable.

To be ‘worth one’s salt’ is to be worth one’s pay. Our word salary derives from the Latin salarium, (sal is the Latin word for salt). There is some debate over the origin of the word salarium, but most scholars accept that it was the money allowed to Roman soldiers for the purchase of salt. Roman soldiers weren’t actually paid in salt, as some suggest. They were obliged to buy their own food, weapons etc. and had the cost of these deducted from their wages in advance.”

– an excerpt on the origin of the phrase “worth one’s salt” from

Then I thought, “I wonder how much salt I’m worth?

But Google wouldn’t tell me so instead I Googled simply “how much am I worth” and then took a bunch of online quizzes to decide how important I am in the eyes of the interblag and completely wasted an entire morning in the process. You’re welcome.

Behold – my worth according to non-salty internet quizzes: – Fun Quizzes

According to, for example, I am worth $2.02 million based off my hastily ascertained IQ, salary, height, zip code, willingness to take more random quizzes, etc. I may have put my virus protection software to good use this morning going to all these random websites.

How Much Are You Worth?
How Much Are You Worth
Congratulations, according to our experts, you are worth :$6,868,379Find out how much you are worth at

Then I took a quiz at Quizopolis that used much of the same criteria with a little less jumping around to other websites and a few more questions about whether or not I have a savings account or retirement plan. They think I’m worth more money, so I’m inclined to think this quiz was better.


According to the Financial Times my data is worth $0.7514 – as in this is what marketers would pay me for my data. I’m not really sure what this means but their quiz was much prettier than the other two.

1 sick chicken

OK Cupid has a quiz about how many cows you are worth, which I figured was sort of relevant, but it turns out I’m only worth one sick chicken. I’m not sure whether to be amused or offended by this.

Close to boy-insanity

There’s no denying it; you love being around boys. Even as much as being with your friends. They’re a ton of fun, and you’re always on the lookout for new ones to add to your contacts list on your cellphone. P-p-p-pimpette!

How Boy-Crazy Are You?

Though not relevant at all, Quiz Fanatic says I’m close to a boy-insanity level of boy craziness which sort of makes up for the sick chicken results in the previous quiz… kind of, but not really.

I think P-p-p-pimpette! should be my new email signature.

How much are you worth?