A week with my eldest child.


This week BB is in Fairy Tale camp which means I’ve been spending lots of one on one time with MM. We hit up our favorite coffee shop, ran lots of errands and have done lots of crafting with a bit of time at the playground, too, for good measure. In two weeks the roles will be reversed and he’ll be in summer camp and BB will be getting her one on one time with me.

I’d been hoping to do more outside this week but it’s been so muggy that it just hasn’t been very fun to be outdoors but I’m trying to find little ways to have some extra fun with him while his sister is at camp. I am always amazed at how much easier one child is than the two of them together. One child I can manage pretty easily and the stress level is minimal – but the two of them together always gives me a run for my money. They feed off of each others energy and get into twice as much trouble! So having just one kid in the mornings has been really nice.