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Vacation to MA 2013: Kids Day!



My husband’s family has been doing Kids Day basically forever. Every Tuesday in the summer his Aunt opens up her home which has a gorgeous fenced in pool and a beautiful backyard for all the kids to run around and play. There is always a tempting assortment of foods and the kids live like royalty for a day because “It’s Kids Day!!” is the mantra of the morning. It’s a really great way for all of the cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents to get together and soak up some summer sun.

We came, they swam, played with toys and ate to their heart’s content. We took pictures of the kids in attendance who wore matching and semi-matching outfits. We marveled at how big everyone is getting and basked in the beautiful weather of a perfect summer day.

When I first started attending Kids Day, back in the heydays of our marriage, it was a little intimidating – I didn’t know all of the family well and was a nervous new mother – parenting in public and in front of my in-laws no less was a little daunting for me. Now seven years later, I know these people pretty well and I’m a slightly less nervous quasi-veteran mommy who looks forward to Kids Day; and though we don’t make it to many Kids Days since moving to Wisconsin, I was very glad we were able to make it to one this year. I hope we can continue this tradition for some time to come.