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Vacation to MA 2013: Wrapping up this Recap

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So we had a great vacation. I’ve shared with you snippets from our trip based on the photos I took but the truth is, I didn’t do a very good job capturing all of the things we did this year.

You didn’t see the kids shivering in the pool at Kids Day because they insisted on swimming even though it was only about 60 degrees out. We decided to let them go in for a little bit, figuring they’d get cold pretty quick and then they wouldn’t be able to complain that we didn’t let them go in! MM held out the longest, insisting it wasn’t that cold as he shivered in the water.

You didn’t see the copious amounts of food eaten – last summer was the Summer of Dunkin Donuts in which we seemed to go there every day and leave with iced coffee and donuts to the point of ridiculousness. This summer it was all about food – all beginning with the discovery of an Italian Bakery that we’d never been to before but apparently everyone else already knew about. The cappuccino was to die for – the cannolis, delicious. They had cookies and pies and cakes and pastries and pizza – basically, I wanted to move in immediately.

Then there was the morning that MM had pancakes for breakfast and again two hours later for brunch – both covered in whipped cream and other decadent toppings – then we went to a family BBQ where we had food handed to us consistently for hours. You get the idea. We ate a lot – later I’ll tell you about how Dan and I decided to diet when we got home because we ate SO much on this trip.

We also celebrated our seven year anniversary on this trip. Dan’s sisters and mom offered to watch the kids and we went and had coffee and pastries at that Italian bakery, did a little window shopping without the kids at one of our old favorite shopping centers (we finally got to look at tablets and laptops without the kids and actually felt like we’d been able to look at everything we wanted to!) and had sea food for lunch then went to see Now You See Me at the little budget theater down the street (loved most of the movie, really didn’t like the ending).

We got to catch up with a lot of our friends while we were there – we saw Dan’s best friend from college and his wife and their adorable daughter who would probably be one of BB’s best friends if we still lived there. We caught up with MM’s godfather, an old friend of Dan’s who is engaged to be married and always has eleven or twelve hilarious stories to tell. We had brunch with my college bestie who drove up from Rhode Island just to see us, lunch a few days later with two of my besties from high school and all their rug rats (that was a loud meal!) and caught up with another at Dan’s parents house one night (her husband is a UPS man and came straight from work, nearly giving the dog a total conniption fit).

I could go on, really, but this post is already getting pretty long. Point is – we had a really great trip, saw some of our very favorite people and ate some delicious food and before we knew it we were driving to Boston in the rain where we stayed at a hotel before waking up at 3:30 am for a 6am flight.

The layovers on this trip were just as impossibly short as the first but this time we had a much longer walk between terminals and really made it just in time – we were all a little crankier for this flight due to the lack of sleep and odd wake up time, but we made it back to Wisconsin at 9:30am and had a full weekend to recover from the craziness. We were grateful to be home and back to our routines, looking forward to seeing our giant dog again and sleeping in our beds again (and catching up with the DVR again).

It was a great trip – I’m really glad we were able to make it out to MA again this summer.

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  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar

    What a busy amazing trip…My eyes are stuck on the Italian bakery part. Yum!