Back to School Style: Their new looks for the coming school year!

The kids go back to school in just two weeks and they are ready to go back in style! We didn’t do a lot of “back to school shopping” clothing-wise as most of their clothing from last year still fits them, but we did pick up two new outfits for each of them.

Preschool Chic


BB is starting 4K this year and it will be her first school experience. While I fret about my baby going to school and worry about transportation and separation anxiety, BB is of course super excited and more concerned about her clothes. Typical  girl, that one.

All of BB’s new clothes are from H&M. She rocks some pretty bold styles – I am kind of in love with those hot pink plaid pants (just $9.95) which pairs surprisingly well with the leopard t-shirt ($4.95 I think) and of course those gorgeous golden sandals from Payless.

I also really like the simple pink dress with tiny white polka dots. This is a nice basic piece than can be dressed up or down and with added layers she can wear it all year round – and it was only $5.95!

2nd Grade Guy Style


MM is going into 2nd grade and hasn’t had a real growth spurt in awhile so I’m hesitant to buy too much just yet since most of his wardrobe still works for him.

The exception is pants – since he isn’t growing, he burns through the knees of his pants a lot. He really needed two more pairs to get him through the colder months coming. Because he hasn’t had a growth spurt in awhile we went up a size just to be safe. Extend-a-size tabs are all the rage these days and will help to keep the pants fitting as he grows.

He was obsessed with the neon yellow/green pants above and we decided to let him go ahead and get them in addition to a good pair of basic jeans – both pants were $9.95 at H&M. MM wears a lot of basic tees in solid colors as well as a lot of stripes and plaids. To spice up his wardrobe, I like to find some fun screen prints that show off his personality. The Kaboom shirt from H&M was only $4.95 and can really go with anything. I found that Yoda Man shirt at Old Navy on clearance and HAD to grab it for him. Star Wars is still very cool amongst MM and his peers so I know that one will be a big hit.

So both of my Big Personality Kiddos are ready for the coming school year! And I’m ready to have the house to myself for a couple of hours!

Do you buy new wardrobes for your kids each school year or just a couple of new pieces?

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