A morning walk at the botanical gardens.

botanical gardens

Yesterday we went for a walk at the botanical gardens. This is one of my absolute favorite places to walk. With a constantly changing and growing variety of plants, flowers and wildlife to photograph (by wildlife, I mostly mean butterflies and birds and my children) while getting in a good walk, I always see something new. No two walks at the gardens are the same – and when the weather is frightful, they have an indoor conservatory to enjoy!

We spent about an hour walking the outdoor gardens, dodging sprinklers and gardeners, snapping pictures of our favorite flowers and children. The next time I get to visit, it will likely  be fall foliage getting photographed, but my husband just told me last night that I have somehow never taken him to the outdoor gardens – weather and time has apparently always gotten in the way, so I am going to have to remedy that soon!

Where is your favorite place to take a nature walk?