Book Review: Moranthology by Caitlin Moran

moranthologyOne of my new favorite genres is the Funny Memoir / Bloggish Book. Think Jen Lancaster, Tina Fey, Jenny Lawson, Mindy Kaling. Those books. They aren’t the literary masterpieces that your book club will obsess over. There is no mystery to figure out, no heart breaking plot development to overcome. No, in these books the goal is to be entertained – to laugh and think “me, too!” and wake your husband up in the middle of the night because you can’t stop laughing and you need to share the funny with someone immediately.

Caitlin Moran is kind of my new hero. I fell in love with her writing style when I read How to Be a Woman last year and I was eager to read her newest book, Moranthology which is a collection of things she’s written covering a massive array of topics, such as:

“Caffeine | Ghostbusters | Being Poor | Twitter | Caravans | Obama | Wales | Marijuana Addiction |Paul McCartney | The Welfare State | Sherlock | David Cameron Looking Like Ham | Amy Winehouse | Elizabeth Taylor’s Eyes | Michael Jackson’s Funeral | ‘The Big Society’ | Big Hair | Nutter-letters | Failed Nicknames | Wolverhampton | Squirrels’ Testicles | Sexy Tax | Binge-drinking | Chivalry | Rihanna’s Cardigan | Boris Johnson – Albino Shag-hound | Party Bags | Hot People| Transsexuals | The Gay Moon Landings | My Own, Untimely Death”

Oh and Doctor Who. Basically it’s like this book was written just for me. I enjoyed this book so much that when I tried to put it down to read this month’s book club book, I failed miserably, gave up and went back to this instead. Which might say more about The Alienist by Caleb Carr than it does about this book, but really – it says enough.

Interviews with famous musicians, reviews of Downton Abbey and Sherlock, meeting the 10th Doctor, and stories about her marriage and childhood and everything in between. This is a great book to settle down with at the end of a long day of potty training and never ending summer days and just unplug and unwind with.

If you like Caitlin Moran, you will definitely like this book and if you have never heard of her, you still might like this book. And if you don’t like Caitlin Moran, why are you reading this review?

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    Sounds like a must-read!!