The 13 things I learned in August.

things learned in august

Tomorrow is the last day of August! I’m joining Emily at Chatting at the Sky again this month and sharing the things I’ve learned in the last month. I’ve really enjoyed this new monthly tradition – I hope you’ll play along, too!

  1. I learned that the Milwaukee Airport kind of puts the other local airports to shame. Or at least, I learned that I really like the Milwaukee airport. Seven words: Kids play area next to our gate.
  2. I also learned to pay closer attention to the boarding time on plane tickets when planning layovers.
  3. I learned that the Higgins Armory museum was one of the first all steel and glass curtain-wall structures built in America.
  4. I learned that my daughter can pull off plaid and leopard print in the same outfit.
  5. I learned how to make pickles.
  6. I learned that the Baby Ruth candy bar was named after President Grover Cleveland’s daughter, Ruth Cleveland and not Babe Ruth as I had always assumed.
  7. I have learned a LOT about the first twenty or so first ladies, reading Secret Lives of The First Ladies by Cormac O’Brien. I’m only about 1/3 through the book but really enjoying it.
  8. I learned that someone’s love interest on Pretty Little Lairs might be A. Again.
  9. I learned that dumping chia seeds into my iced coffee and stirring does not provide the desired result / texture at all.
  10. I learned that the Lizzie Bennet Diaries are so good that I can watch the entire series on two days.
  11. I learned a new pizza dough recipe by Ree Drummond.
  12. I learned that I’ve been using the wrong plunger in the bathroom. Among other things.
  13. I learned that google maps can show you the inside of the Tardis.

What did you learn this month?

2 responses to “The 13 things I learned in August.”

  1. Karmen M. Avatar

    My daughter was in utter disbelief that google maps could show you the inside of the Tardis. =) Thanks for sharing that highly important information.


  2. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar

    Play area? Airport? Total win.

    I had no idea about the Baby Ruth.

    You definitely got a lot of learning in!