5 Things I Learned in April

Even your lazy days self deserves to wear clothes you love. I have a tendency to save my favorite clothes for when I’m going somewhere exciting like book club or team trivia or date night. The normal days in between where I’m just doing the school drop off / pick up grocery shopping dishes washing thingContinue reading “5 Things I Learned in April”

5 Things I Learned in February

February is starting to wrap up and that means it’s time to write blog posts that attempt to quantify the month in a meaningful way. Today I’m linking up with Emily Freeman to share a few things I learned this month, some more serious than others. For example… Learned at a field trip to aContinue reading “5 Things I Learned in February”

9 Things I Learned in January

I started Bullet  Journaling again this year after reading this post at The Lazy Genius (possibly the longest post she’s ever written) and this time around I find I’m actually picking it up almost every day to write in it – one of perks to this new trend is that I’ve written down notes onContinue reading “9 Things I Learned in January”

6 Things I Learned In July.

Hard to believe that the end of July is upon us! It’s been a busy month – it always is when we travel. I’m linking up with Emily Freeman to share a few things I learned this month, on the road and otherwise. Silly or serious. There are no rules here really except to documentContinue reading “6 Things I Learned In July.”

7 Things I Learned in June.

I’m linking up with the lovely Emily @ Chatting at the Sky to share some things I learned last month – it can be something silly or serious, profound or plebian. Here’s what I learned. 1. I learned how to prepare starfruit and what they actually taste like after playing a game of produce section rouletteContinue reading “7 Things I Learned in June.”

6 Things I Learned in September.

I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that today is the last day of September. This month flew by in a flurry storm of new and exciting mixed with the same old same old. To celebrate the end of another month, I’m linking up with Emily @ chatting with the skyContinue reading “6 Things I Learned in September.”