What I Learned in October


Happy Halloween guys! I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman today to share a few things I learned this month – feel free to share some things you learned in the comments section below or send me a link to your own blog post if you are linking up also!

Here are a few things I learned this month:

  1. Marie Antoinette never said “Let them eat cake!” and several other popular quotes that are often misquoted. But you should eat cake anyway.
  2. My kids are both doing really well in school this year – MM has been blowing his teacher’s mind with his penmanship and attention to detail – and way less messy desk. And BB is blowing everyone’s mind by being good at everything (except bringing her homework home reliably, but you know, six).
  3. Reasons to love Audrey Hepburn even more:12189151_921361261233521_8180090238246701566_n
  4. It takes about 364 licks to get to the center of a Tootise Pop (and more candy facts at mental floss).
  5. Apparently undetected breast cancer can also lead to eye problems. Because you didn’t have enough on your plate.
  6. This: 12088193_1126669664018689_4839448370988454957_n
  7. Speaking of which – Lyft will send you free zombies on Halloween. which isn’t nearly as adorable as kittens.

What did you learn this month?

2 responses to “What I Learned in October”

  1. achildoftherisenking Avatar

    That did make me love Audrey Hepburn more. I wish I knew about the zombie thing that is hella cool.


  2. jdawgswords Avatar

    that i don’t need to make enough money…