5 Things I Learned in April


  1. Even your lazy days self deserves to wear clothes you love. I have a tendency to save my favorite clothes for when I’m going somewhere exciting like book club or team trivia or date night. The normal days in between where I’m just doing the school drop off / pick up grocery shopping dishes washing thing get relegated to the other clothes that don’t quite fit right or I just don’t love. But I wanted to create a wardrobe with only special day shirts because I think my low key days self deserves to feel pretty, too. After picking up a few new pieces for my wardrobe, I went through my closet and got rid of all the shirts I don’t love to see what was left. I was surprised to find that I actually still had a plenty of clothes left! And my closet looks awesome!
  2. Team Trivia nugget of the month: In addition to creating wings for his son, Icarus, so that he could fly too close to the sun, Daedalus also created the Labyrinth on Crete, in which the Minotaur (part man, part bull) was kept.
  3. My latest reminder to trust my gut: We’ve been talking about switching vets for awhile but kept holding off until recently. We took our dog to a new vet this month and I have been really happy with how quickly they turned things around for us with the dog’s health and how attentive and thorough the new vet is. I learned what it’s like to take your pet to a vet that cares.
  4. I learned that Animaniacs is on Netflix now and that our kids love the show as much as Dan and I did when we were kids. We’re in nostalgia heaven right now and I love watching the kids experience the show anew. I had forgotten how nerdy the show is but watching it again I’m realizing why we loved it so much. Not many kids shows make that many nerdy references or write songs like this gem:
  5. I learned recently that my husband played a practical joke on me ten years ago but forgot to tell me it happened. We were at a mall food court and I got bubble tea for the first time because the name sounded fun. After taking a few sips and trying to figure out what the weird bubbles were made of, I asked Dan who told me – straight faced – that it was tapioca and that tapioca is made from fish eggs. I was so grossed out I couldn’t finish the drink and have avoided tapioca ever since because – eww.This weekend we were getting frozen yogurt and my daughter dumped a huge pile of strawberry bobas on hers and I asked Dan, out of curiosity, what they were made of and he said Tapioca. I made a face and said “FISH eggs?? Really?” And he burst out laughing and said “I thought you knew I was joking about that!” TEN YEARS AGO.

What things have you learned this month?

5 responses to “5 Things I Learned in April”

  1. jerralea Avatar

    How funny! A 10 year old joke!

    … so .. what are those bubbles made of? I’ve always wondered …

    I’m so in agreement with wearing special day shirts. Who is more special than us and our families? We all deserve to see Mom wearing cute clothes!


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      I guess they are made from tapioca but tapioca definitely isn’t fish eggs.


  2. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    OMG. 10 years! That’s hilarious! Husbands can be so mean. Haha.


  3. Amanda Suzzi Avatar

    I love that you created a wardrobe with only special day shirts because you deserve to feel pretty everyday! Working from home means I wear a uniform of tank tops and yoga pants, which I really bought as undershirts and pjs! I need to remember that I have a closet full of pretty clothes that need to be worn more!


  4. Kathleen Connors Avatar

    I have so many cute clothes, but end up not wearing them, either because I don’t want to get massage creme on them, OR I know I’m going to exercise later, so I just walk around in work out gear all day. I agree, why am I “saving” my cute stuff. Who cares if I end up having to change clothes two or three times, its very Downton Abbey. LOL! Since I work at home and not out of the house as often as before, it just makes it worse (i.e. if I’m not leaving the house today, who cares.) Let’s hear it for fun clothes just for us!!