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Top 10: Bookworm Delights

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday theme is bookworm delights – things that make your little bookworm heart warm up and sing. Let’s squeal and say, “me, too!” together okay?

  1. Perusing the older antique book section at my local used book store. There are the really pricey leather bound volumes behind glass but also just little books in older bindings, with the pages kind of starting to yellow and the cover art that brings you full on nostalgia and some of the titles are infamous ones you know and love and others you have never heard of before but they make you feel kind of small to think about how a couple dozen years ago these books were new and beautiful to someone.
  2. Bookish references to other books in the book you are reading. When the protagonist mentions one of your favorite books off hand or when the plot of the book is clearly (or subtly) taking cues from classic literature. I love finding Darcy types in modern books.
  3. New bookmarks! I love a gorgeous wooden bookmark or handy point to a specific line bookmarks, cheap bookmarks offered for free at the register or perusing the carousel of bookmarks in the check out lane at Barnes & Noble.
  4. Etsy shops that sell jewelry and coffee mugs and candles and tea based off books.  So that I never have to stop thinking about books.
  5. The point in a book where you won’t be putting it back down until it’s done. Where you go from being able to read a chapter a night to being absolutely resigned to the fact that you’ll be staying up all night until you finish because you are at that part now.
  6. roryThat bookish smell. The scent that puts you at ease the second you walk into a bookstore. Your heart beat slows down to a purr as you walk up and down the aisles, touching the books just because you have to touch them. Because obviously they won’t know that you are one of them unless you run a hand across the spine or flip the pages .
  7. When the movie gets the casting just right. This is like a unicorn phenomenon. It’s rare. You’ll usually be disappointed or if you are lucky you will be completely neutral about them. But sometimes it’s like the character literally comes to life – sometimes the casting is so good that the character actually gets better than they were inside your head.
  8. When you start to think that you are probably destined to be BFFS with the author. You laugh at all their jokes, you like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and you sometimes wish you were reading the book while skyping with them so you could let them know your thoughts immediately about certain lines and plot developments because you tried telling your husband and he just stared at you and said something about it being three AM and he was sleeping.
  9. When you finish an amazing book by a new to you author and find out that they’ve written like a dozen other books. Bonus points if the kindle version of one of them is magically on sale that day.
  10. When that mom at the school playground references a book you love in a way that only other  fans would pick up on. “You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you for saying that!!!” There is nothing better than finding a new person you can let your geek flag fly around.

What would be on your list?

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One response to “Top 10: Bookworm Delights”

  1. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    #7,8,9, and 10…yes! I love your list. 🙂 And the Gilmore Girls gif. I had to watch a couple of episodes last night because so many people used a Rory gif. I’m only part way through season 3. 🙂