9 Things I Learned in January


I started Bullet  Journaling again this year after reading this post at The Lazy Genius (possibly the longest post she’s ever written) and this time around I find I’m actually picking it up almost every day to write in it – one of perks to this new trend is that I’ve written down notes on thing that I found interesting  throughout the day and this means that I have actual stuff to write about for the Things I Learned link up hosted by the lovely Emily P. Freeman.

  1. I learned that there are people out there who genuinely actually believe that the world is flat and that there is a giant clear impenetrable dome covering the world which has prevented us from actually going into space which for some reason led to us faking all accounts of space exploration.
  2. I learned that if you show up at Olive Garden with a reservation for four and a fifth person joins your party at the last moment – that the servers won’t even bat an eyelash and will just pull up a fifth chair like it ain’t no thang. My husband says this is because – science – rectangular table = easy solution. Also more money for them.
  3. I learned that Rutherford B. Hayes was a total  hottie. Ditto to James Garfield and Richard Nixon.
  4. I learned that a Buick Encore probably won’t be my next vehicle. Despite loving the height advantage and the satellite radio and backup camera, the SUV felt smaller and tinier in just about every way compared to my Le Sabre. I want my next vehicle to be smaller in length, but that’s about it. Taller – good leg room and shoulder room, decent trunk. These things are non-negotiable. But it sure was pretty (I had a rental car this month while the service department repaired my parking brake).
  5. I learned that my children are competitive at least with each other and that you can use this fact to accomplish the impossible. This month my husband invented the Adventurous Eaters Club – one night a month, in theory, we’re going to go to a restaurant that is either new to the kids or serves a cuisine they aren’t typically game for. Whoever tries the most new foods without complaint gets to pick dessert. We gave this idea a trial run at PF Changs and my children (the world’s pickiest eaters) tried white rice, lo mein noodles, crispy honey chicken, mongolian beef, egg  drop soup and crab rangoons – and pretty much liked everything. It’s a small victory perhaps but it feels monumental. We’ve carried the concept into more meals since then and even if they don’t love it all, they are suddenly motivated to try. Huzzah!
  6. mayflowerI learned that the state flower of Massachusetts is actually the mayflower – because that is a real plant and Massachusetts is super sentimental. Digging up a mayflower in Massachusetts is punishable with a $50 fine.
  7. I learned that nail art pens are not as easy as they look and that my daughter is very forgiving of my sloppy attempts at painting her nails. I also learned that my husband is awesome at painting nails which should be unsurprising as he has steady hands that make him great at woodworking, knitting, working with tiny electrical device innards and anything else Dan has decided to be good at that day. My husband might be a cyborg. But I read The Lunar Chronicles, so I’m okay with that.
  8. At Team Trivia this month I learned that on the television show, Married with Children, the Bundy family name was apparently inspired by a professional wrestler. I’m guessing it was King Kong Bundy who even had a couple guest appearances on the show, but the host at Team Trivia didn’t specify.
  9. I also learned at Team Trivia this month that President Woodrow Wilson disliked automobiles and considered them a symbol of the arrogance of wealth. Haters gonna walk.

What did you learn this month?

What kind of car do you drive? Is there room in the front seat for you and your sig. other and maybe an elbow or two?

Which of the former presidents (or the current one if that’s your cup of tea) would you like to go back in time and grab a drink with? What are you drinking?

Where should I take my kids to eat next now that I can trick them into eating new foods?


4 responses to “9 Things I Learned in January”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    I learned this month that my youngest is as sentimental as I am. She was crying during an episode of Pokemon.

    I drive a dodge grand caravan and love it! Lots of room for everyone and all the junk. If that makes me a soccer mom, so be it.


  2. Nicki @ The Peace Notes Avatar

    I echo Kate: #1-what?!?!?! Haha. That’s sweet that your husband paints the nails with his steady hands, and genius of you to invent the Adventurous Eaters Club. Our family needs to try that!


  3. Kate @ Mom's Radius Avatar

    #1 – what?!?!?

    I drive a Toyota Prius. I LOVE it!! We actually want a second one. It’s surprising roomy inside for a rather compact car. About the same interior as our Honda Accord.


  4. Jennifer Avatar

    Jen, thank you for this post!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of writing in my journal again after a four-month hiatus. You pushed me to make it happen! I sleep better at night when i journal, and I definitely need to record some of these memories – good, bad, sad, ugly and funny! 🙂

    Nail art pens sounds cool! I’ve never tried them. My daughter loves Jamberry nail wraps. Have you and your darling tried them?

    I’m totally looking up pictures of Mayflowers now! Thanks for the trivia!!