What I’m Into: January 2016


I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer to share what I’ve been into lately – the geeky news that has me squealing like a twelve year old girl, the shows I’m binging like it’s my job and the books keeping me up at night.

What I’m Watching

It’s the farewell season of American Idol and I’m feeling all kinds of sentimental about this. But also judgy. Judgy McJudgy Pants. I’m feeling way harsher than the judges on the whole but I’ll confess that Mackenzie Bourg’s audition gave me goosies so to speak.

I know it’s early but I’m kind of ready to give him the crown right now. Anyone else?

We’re also just digging into Season Four of Game of Thrones and our obsession is getting to Possibly Unhealthy Levels. Like googling and searching on everything to figure out how we can watch all the episodes immediately without waiting for the next disc to come in the mail and without paying for it with our souls. We’re now signed up for a three month free trial of HBO through our cable provider (AT&T UVerse – what uppppp?) and are catching up on HBO Go. For other people still catching up, for some reason HBO Go seems to work way better on our PS3 than our XBox One. I have no idea why.

I also just started binge watching Younger on TV Land which stars Hillary Duff and Sutton Foster so basically it’s magical. It’s about a recently divorced mom in her 40’s trying to get back into the work force (and dating force) and somehow decides it would be a super idea to lie and pretend she is 26 so that people will hire her (and stuff). And hilarity ensues. Hillary Duff is actually in her 20’s and kind of on the other corner trying to be taken seriously in her career in spite of her age and the two bond and it’s adorable. Being a 30 something I feel like I can so completely relate to both ends of the spectrum so it’s awesome.

What I’m Reading

18222740I just finished reading Bellweather Rhapsody by Kate Racculia with my book club which met last night (I got home at like midnight so I’m still a little deliriously tired #worthit). It took me awhile to warm up this one, largely because I had to get used to each narrator and accept the fact that the author doesn’t always tell the truth right away sometimes even in the same sentence it seemed she would write in one direction and then be like jk that didn’t happen. But eventually the characters began to find little corners of my heart to nestle themselves in and the mystery itself became enticing enough that I found myself wanting to follow it through to the other side and I was pleasantly surprised when I found that NONE of my suspicions were correct and the author had managed to write a mystery that I could not predict the outcome to.

24384702Right now I’m reading The Royal We by Heather Cocks which is living up to it’s hype of being surprisingly well written and fleshed out despite it’s super dorky premise of being, seriously, pretty much Kate Middleton fanfiction if you will. It’s a massive book and a little bit of an undertaking but also quite bingeable so I’m making steady progress when I have time to sit down with it. I’m about 60% of the way through.

I’ve also been perusing The Martian by Andy Weir which my husband and I watched the film version of last weekend and LOVED ; and I have serious plans to stop being a giant baby and finally crack into Winter by Marissa Meyer already even though the twelve year old in me is pouting about now wanting the story to end yet.

What I’m Loving

I started bullet journaling again and I’m kind of obsessed this time. The Lazy Genius did a whole super thorough post about bullet journals and how amazing they can be and after following her advice, I’m so into it.

This song:

Also this song because of the AT&T commercial:

Also loving my new Nespresso Inissa coffee maker. I got the one that comes with the Aerocinno milk foamer / warmer thingie which means my coffee at home is super fancy now.

Also: red toe nails, lazy mornings, snow flakes on branches, lunch dates with my husband, The Cheesecake Factory and girls night out

What have you been into lately?