The Amazing and Heroic Adventures of Super Smize Girl


Mommy Shorts is running a contest with Method called the “METHOD POWER POSE-OFF” and it’s going to pit a bunch of kids’ superpower stances against eachother Justice League Vs. Avengers style. Seeing her pictures of Mazzy posing like a Super Hero, I was itching to do a similar photo shoot with little BB. They have a very similar sass and I had a feeling it would be a fun photo shoot. BB did not disappoint!

BB knows a fair amount about super heroes for a little girl who is Princess Obsessed. Her brother is all about superman, spider man, batman, and all the others (::cough:: Doctor Who ::cough::) and often talks her into playing Super Heroes with him, so she’s no stranger to Wonder Woman, but when I asked her what her Super Hero name was, she told me without hesitation, “Rapunzel” – she plays by her own rules, you know.


BB’s super powers: her Super Smize and her Powers of Posing

I cannot  get over the fact that just casually taking snapshots of her running around the bus stop can often result in beauty shots that a Top Model contestant would kill for.


“Why are you so obsessed with me?”


Of course the most important part about being a super hero is looking the part. BB wastes no time tying on her invisible cape before running off to save the day!

I think my favorite part of the photo shoot was just listening to her narrate her adventures and to see the look of absolute joy in her face as she ran around saving the bus stop from invisible villains.

I also love that she continues to draw her own lines and live by her own rules. She can be a princess and like super heroes. She can wear baggy cotton capris, a ruffly leopard print skirt and a crisp white collared tee and golden sandals – and look fabulous!


I know she’s going to grow up to be an amazing woman someday!

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  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar

    She is such a doll! And, I love the ruffle skirt.