Mind Blown. Another trip to “Daddy’s Office”

welcome to deep space

When we moved to Wisconsin four years ago and first saw my husband’s place of employment, we were a little star struck by the beautiful architecture and landscaping, the thoughtfully decorated buildings, the dorky references and the mere novelty of working for a company with more than three employees.

Every year since then, they have added more. More employees, more buildings, more geeky references and decor, more reasons to be in awe of them. We take little tours of the campus at least once a year (typically on New Years Day) and we always see something new. Last weekend hubby was eager to show us a couple of the new campuses that have been built recently – one of which is really still a work in progress. The building above is kind of amazing on many different levels. Not only does it boast amazing curb appeal, if you drove around to the back or looked at it from the building behind it… it would look like nothing is there. It’s totally the world’s biggest hobbit hole of a building.

But then when we finished gawking over the outside and stepped in, we saw this…


Yeah, seriously. I think we blew my son’s seven year old mind.

I’m told that it may or may not be a permanent fixture and may have just been sent over for a customer event. Or maybe my husband’s company is a secret cover up for U.N.I.T. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

After tearing the kids (okay, all of us) away from this little dream come true, we walked around a bit and took in the sights.

deep space

Of which there were many. This place is kind of a photography nut’s dream. Also a nerd’s dream. Also, it might be Disney Land. Jury’s still out, though the lines aren’t nearly as long and they pay you for going there every day instead of the other way around…

And all of this would have been amazing and super cool and totally worth an entire blog post that’s basically just me bragging endlessly about my husband.

But then he took us to the farm.

the farm

They don’t do things halfway here. I kept expecting Scarlett O’Hara to walk out the door and repeatedly found myself having a Liz Lemon style spazz out, mumbling “I want to go to there” and seriously debating packing my bags and moving in already.

Basically: Expect big things from next year’s family photo.