Craft-tastic Fall Decor

fall crafts

Sometimes you just need a quick and easy craft. I picked up these cute little wooden fall craft kits at JoAnn Fabrics for next to nothing and then tucked them aside for a rainy day.

Last week we were heading into the Witching Hour between MM getting his homework done and dinner time. Tempers were verging on iffy and we all needed a distraction.

We decorated these with markers on hand. MM used a crayola classic set to make the pumpkin wreath and BB and I each worked on one half of the pumpkin centerpiece. I used some colorful sharpies, she used some washable markers. I tried to really stress that this was an open ended project – do whatever you want. I made two completely different designs on my half of the centerpiece, BB happily scribbled away on hers and MM decided he wanted to go the traditional route. Fantastic!

I loved the end result for both projects and before we knew it, daddy was home!