Have I mentioned?

I have pictures and stories piling up faster than I can blog about them lately, to the point where I’ve gone full on nerdy and started folders on my computer with pictures and collages of things I still need to blog about. Here are some of the miscellaneous things that I want to tell you about before I forget (again):


We went to a birthday party like a month ago for a good friend and it was dubbed a Super Hero / Costume Party so all the kids wore their best super hero costumes (or some facsimile there of) and then bounced and giggled and devoured cake and ice cream together.

It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Doctor Who is my son’s favorite super hero. He’s my favorite super hero, too. Amazingly, he was the only one at the party wearing a suit and tie. This is our take on the 10th Doctor, and possibly my favorite (I’m always torn between 9 and 10) – it’s also a sneak preview of his Halloween costume this year (Long time readers may remember he was the 11th Doctor last year). I’m kind of madly in love with his costume this year and you haven’t even seen the best part yet so stay tuned for THAT.

Also bonus points if you understand the 3D glasses reference.


BB’s favorite super hero? Obviously a princess. She went with Cinderella. Unsurprisingly, she was not the only princess in attendance that afternoon. I love the bottom right pic in the collage above – Future Mean Girls Table?

BB’s super hero powers include: Her Super Smize, legendary Power Pouting, the ability to wrap her opponents around her tiny fingers with just one smile and if all else fails, she does know karate.

1380520_10100251623776146_720917979_n - Copy

The days and nights are getting colder and we’re trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible, while we can. We pulled out the fire pit the other weekend for possibly the last time this year and grilled some hot dogs / roasted marshmallows for dinner and sat around the fire a bit, enjoying the warmth. I still had to wear a sweater and jacket and drink a warm beverage. I guess that means summer is definitely over, huh?

1383454_10100249758549076_980417521_n - Copy

I finally got my hair cut again – at least it felt like “finally” for me. I think I last cut it around Mothers Day so October doesn’t seem like a hugely long time (to me) but I’d been wearing my hair in a lazy pony tail for weeks straight and was just done with it and my husband very graciously told me I was silly not to just go get it cut already. He’s a keeper.


Cub scouts has been going pretty good so far this fall. MM is doing well as a Wolf Scout this year and it’s nice to feel like we mostly know what we are doing this year and understand how the world of cub scouting works, unlike last year when I just felt completely out of the loop. I decided to help out with the newsletter and website and I think that getting involved made a big difference in feeling more comfortable and informed.

At our last pack meeting the kids got to tour a fire truck and learn about fire safety. Guess which part they liked the best?

So this doesn’t need to be one sided. What’s new in your life? Let’s catch up in the comments section!

2 responses to “Have I mentioned?”

  1. Jean Avatar

    I love the 3D glasses! You wouldn’t be a Whovian if you didn’t know. 🙂 Parallel universes and such. Glad he doesn’t follow the crowd and go with the typical super heroes.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      I’m glad, too – love having kids that march to the beat of their own drum!