Nanowrimo Week 3: Escaping week two with hope intact.


Last week sucked. It was crazy busy and I kept finding myself stupidly not writing when I should have been writing and blaming it on the week two doldrums and watching crappy television instead and then the unthinkable happened. My computer died.


The hard drive just totally lost it’s mind and stopped working. I clicked on the keyboard, mouse buttons, monitor button and such over and over and nothing happened. I frantically called my husband into the room, who sensibly restarted the machine and I crossed my fingers and toes but it was all for naught. It was dead, dude.

Not bad enough? It turns out my computer hadn’t run a back up since early June. For months now it has been telling me something along the lines of “I totes can’t connect to Drive gybbledyshmook, yo. You care?” and I was all like, “Everything seems to be working so probably not.” And it was like “Cool, cool. Lemme know if you care later.” And I kept thinking I should mention it to Dan but since everything was WORKING and I am busy, I kept forgetting. Well maybe my computer should have told me that gybbledyshmook was a code name for “that place all your files get backed up to” – you know like all your pictures, the cub scout newsletter, your important documents and your novel.

Don’t panic. I’ve been writing my novel on google drive at the wise advice of probably my husband. SMART MAN. But I’d been backing it up by saving it to my computer which then backed it up somewhere else. Or so I thought. Guys, what if Google decided not to support google drive tomorrow and sent it off to Googly Heaven to join Google Reader and every other web program it’s ever lost interest in? I’d have been totally boned.

And let’s not forget 4 and a half months of pictures that are gone. I can get some of them off of shutterfly and Facebook but I’m sure a lot of great stuff is living in a comatose hard drive, never to be seen again. And did I mention I maintain MM’s cub scout newsletter and website and all my templates and pictures and stuff were only on my hard drive? And there is a pack meeting on Thursday that I need to have a newsletter written for? Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Oh right and I’m writing a novel.

This weekend was largely spent trying to fix my computer which continued to be a temperamental NAUGHTY WORDS as we replaced hard drives, reinstalled Windows and tried to get stuff set up. We also had other stuff to do like fixing our toilets which decided to break, switching our cell phone provider because US Cellular’s web development folks are about as competent as whoever is running Obamacare and/cept they are refusing to acknowledge it and would not let us change our payment info (cause we got a new credit card a few months ago and would really like it to be billed to that and not the old card that is no longer valid) anywhere except online – i.e. their website that has been inoperable since September. No joke, dudes.  So we switched to Verizon which has been nifty fun and we got new phones which is cool so I’ve been making lovey eyes at my new Galaxy Note 3 which is the bees knees…

Oh right and I’m writing a novel.

So yeah I was like a serious 10,000 words behind when I woke up this morning. Dude. My only consolation was that I actually had stuff I wanted to write about instead of the groggy land of writers block I was living in this time last week. I had a tentative outline mapped out and fun words milling around in my mind and IDEAS. Imagine that!! So I set my daughter up in front of ye old boobe toobe, made myself a cuppa coffee and GOT TO WORK, yo! A couple hours later I was pleased to find myself only 7,000 words behind. Sorta better, right?


So I’m nervous cause well it’s November 18th and my life continues to be busy (someone needs to do the laundry – any takers?) and hubby’s birthday is coming up and then Thanksgiving and LIFE and oh my god I’m so behind and my computer is only mostly back to normal and crap I still need to make that newsletter…

BUT I have words I want to write. Which is more than I could say last week. So even if I don’t finish by November 30th, it does seem possible that I might finish the book. And maybe even like it when I’m done.


Anyone else still writing this month? Hope your week two went better than mine!

One response to “Nanowrimo Week 3: Escaping week two with hope intact.”

  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar

    I don’t think I could ever write a novel, so I have to commend that! Especially with a computer and toilets breaking.

    And, seriously, what is it with companies not wanting to take money? We are trying to renew our Sunday paper and the website is a joke (love the Obamacare reference). But, we have been very pleased with Verizon, so hopefully, that works out well for you.

    Oh, and super smart to be working in Google Drive. I don’t think they’d pull anything without at least a heads up!