A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…


I’m avoiding responsibility for a minute to talk about myself – or rather, my name. One of the writing prompts at Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week was:

The meaning of your name…does it suit you?

So the short answer is yes. I guess. Jennifer is from a Cornish form of the Old Welsh name Gwenhwyfar (Guenevere) and it’s largely agreed that it means “fair one” or sometimes “fair, soft, white, etc.” basically it implies that I’m a pasty white girl I think, which (looks in mirror), yup that’s me. I really got a kick out of the definitions at Urban Dictionary though who had a LOT more to say about me than “white chick” – my favorite was the first one – it was so funny I had to turn it into a graphic just for this post (it’s up there at the top dudes).

My name was super popular in the 70’s and 80’s (I’m a 1982 baby, how bout you?) and as a result there were always at least eleventy billion other Jennifers in my class, which was never fun by the way. In Spanish class back in the elementary days, my teacher actually made me change my name for the purpose of class so that there wouldn’t be more than one Jennifer. Seriously. Like, “No, you aren’t Jennifer anymore, from now on you are Hosefa – deal with it!” So it’s no wonder that all us Jennifers out there were disinclined to name our own kids Jennifer, and the name declined from Top 10 spot for over a decade to #163 as of 2012. But then again, parents today seem to like to name their kids things like Blue Ivy and Popsicle Face, so we’ll see who’s more messed up ten years from now.

Oh right – other definitions of my name. Leave it to Urban Dictionary to have something more interesting to say, and much like Wikipedia – if it’s on Urban Dictionary it must be true, right? Sooo here are some things I didn’t know you should know about me based off my name:

Jennifer’s are an extremely rare beauty inside & out. They are loyal to friends & family & will stand by you as long as you will let them; very supportive.

Can’t argue with this one. I’m blushing a little…

Jennifer’s are naturally beautiful – making some green with envy of their natural features; so it is only fitting that they have keen interest in the nature around them & preserving natural beauty. They were born with it & are wired to love & care for things in their natural state as well as all creatures big and small.

If you say so dudes. I mean I won’t disagree because it’s written on the internet and thus must be true, but…

Jennifer’s will be there through the good times & the bumps along the way. Their friendship does not thin, it is not a fair-weather friendship. It is as real as the Jennifer you encounter. Strong & supportive; beautiful & timeless. Should you come across a Jennifer make them your best friend and hold onto them forever; I know I will.

I think someone is in love with Jennifer…

a tall girl, usually 5’6 or 5’7, usually white. scared of the world..

Well they are almost right. Also is 5’6 really considered tall? I mean I’m 5’2 so I guess it seems tall to me by comparison but I thought that was considered average, am I wrong?

Jennifer one of these most randomest, unique, crazy, amazing girl you will have ever meet. At first she may seem shy but when you get to know – my god is she the opposite of what you think regular people percieve to be.

This actually sounds pretty accurate. Did my friends write this? Anyone? Feel free to fess up!

There are like six pages of this – apparently people have a lot to say about Jennifers. Which I guess makes sense since there are SO MANY of us!

So what does your name mean? Do you think it suits you?


5 responses to “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”

  1. Kat Avatar

    Yes, there were always at least two Jennifers in my classes growing up. I always liked that name!


  2. Stacey Lynn Avatar

    If we go with the pasty white girl analogy…I should have been a Jennifer. I love these Urban Dictionary name entries…they have been so fun to read!


  3. Tina Avatar

    My daughter’s name is Jennifer…so I kind of have to agree on this name. 🙂 Loved your post. Visiting from the link up at Mama Kat’s.


  4. Sam Avatar

    My mom wanted to name me Jennifer, but didn’t when the neighbor had her daughter 3 months before I was born and named her Jennifer. She chose Samantha from a trashy romance novel. I’m kinda glad, we had 30 or so Jennifers and variations in our school but only about 6 Samanthas!


  5. studentsathome Avatar

    As one Jennifer among many, I love this post! Many of the definitions are spot on, too. We’re so great, it’s a wonder everyone in the world isn’t named Jennifer. 🙂