Truthfully, I find the whole “word of the year” thing a little hokey. New Years Resolutions are made to be broken – a whole year is too long to commit to in normal times, nevermind in the middle of a never-ending pandemic. I’m going to change 800 times between now and next December, as willContinue reading “MY WORD FOR THE YEAR: BLOOM”

6 Keto Recipes Rocking my January.

I’m linking up with Mama Kat’s World Famous Writer’s Workshop this week. All the cool kids are doing it. Head to her blog to see more posts about the following topics this week: 1. Share a favorite recipe you’ve been loving lately.2. Write about what helps you stay motivated during these unprecedented times?3.  Write aContinue reading “6 Keto Recipes Rocking my January.”

6 Things I Want to Accomplish This Fall

Kat @ Mama Kat’s Losin It wants to know 6 things I’m hoping to accomplish this fall (it’s one of 6 prompts for her pretty much world famous Writer’s Workshop. It feels weird to make plans or goals in a year that has been notoriously filled with uncertainty and change – but let’s see ifContinue reading “6 Things I Want to Accomplish This Fall”

The Difference A Year Makes.

One of Mama Kat’s prompts for this week’s Writer’s Workshop is to look back on a blog posts from this time last year and compare how things are different now… I know, right? I don’t think 2019 Jen could even fathom 2020 Jen’s life and that’s okay because I wouldn’t wish it on my worstContinue reading “The Difference A Year Makes.”

Writer’s Workshop: Homeschooling, Week One

It’s Thursday so it’s time to link up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. How has your week been? Here are the different prompts to choose from this week: 1. Attempt a craft or recipe you saw on Pinterest, how did it turn out? 2. Write about how you keep busy during a “quarantine.” Is yourContinue reading “Writer’s Workshop: Homeschooling, Week One”

Writer’s Workshop: Keeping Busy And Staying Sane

One advantage to this whole mandatory hibernation is that I have more time for my hobbies and stuff. The blog is seeing more action than ever AND the kitchen has never been cleaner. Is this a dream? I’m linking up with Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop today. Here are the prompts you canContinue reading “Writer’s Workshop: Keeping Busy And Staying Sane”

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Fall.

My kids go back to school on Monday and most of the moms I know are in two different camps about this: Half are sort of wistful and telling me it all went by too fast and they want more time to make those summer memories. The other half are like “Can I drop themContinue reading “8 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Fall.”

Some of our favorite 2019 memories so far.

Our summer vacation is half over. The kids go back to school in mid- August, a fact which makes most people do a double take because their kids have only been on vacation for like a month. #privateschoollife We’ve had a BUSY summer and a lot of great summer memories are firmly under our belt.Continue reading “Some of our favorite 2019 memories so far.”