6 Things I Want to Accomplish This Fall

Kat @ Mama Kat’s Losin It wants to know 6 things I’m hoping to accomplish this fall (it’s one of 6 prompts for her pretty much world famous Writer’s Workshop. It feels weird to make plans or goals in a year that has been notoriously filled with uncertainty and change – but let’s see if we can come up with 6 goals for a season known for change anyway.

  1. I want to make pumpkin bars this year. I’ve never done it before but I’ve eaten a lot of them and it feels like it’s probably in my wheel house. Have a favorite recipe? Throw it in the comments section below. Don’t throw actual pumpkin bars because it will just land on your monitor or phone screen and I don’t want to be responsible for that.
  2. I want to start a nature journal with my 6th grader. This one might be cheating because I’ve literally already gotten a book from the library about how to start a nature journal and dug up some sketch books in the basement and even started pressing a couple of leaves and a flower from a recent “field trip” to a local park. But if Fall ends and we haven’t put anything in our sketch books, I’d be disappointed. So I’m throwing it out into the universe for accountability.
  3. I want to try making homemade biscuits again now that I have biscuit cutters and stuff. It’s tough when most of my goals are carb based and supposedly we’re trying to eat healthy? The conflict is pretty crystal clear.
  4. I want to watch a bunch of Halloween themed movies with the family in October. I actually looked up a bunch that are streaming and ones that I owned and put a handful on my Google Calendar to try and make this actually happen. Cross your fingers.
  5. I want to drink a warm tasty beverage while cuddled under a cozy blanket and watch The Great British Baking Show or reading a cozy mystery. We’ll pretend that I haven’t been doing that all year anyway.
  6. I want to find an extra room in my house that I can escape to when my teenagers are being exceptionally loud playing video games online with friends or watching cartoons. Like I’m glad they are happy and being entertained but my house is basically never quiet and it’s starting to get too cold outside to hide on my front porch so we’re going to need to figure something out before I start shouting that children should be seen and not heard.

That’s my list – what would be on yours for this season?

4 responses to “6 Things I Want to Accomplish This Fall”

  1. Patty Avatar

    Hate saying this but what’s most prominent on my list is for 2020 to just be over!
    But, sitting back and reading all you shared, well that was a reminder of my yearly seasonal hopes and dreams, so many which will be impacted by the virus situation, and for so many people.

    Thank you for sharing such lovely thoughts and…definitely, go find a room of your own!!


  2. Kat Avatar

    Okay SAME. All of it. I try to remind myself to enjoy the noise in the house because I realize someday I’ll be missing it.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Sigh, it’s a very good point. But uggggghhhhhhhh.


  3. madamdreamweaver Avatar

    I love home made biscuits. Home made is healthier then Pillsbury for sure. You can use real butter, which is healthier then oil based margarine. They require milk and low fat 2% works just fine. You can use unbleached flour, which is healthier then bleached and even replace 1/4 to 1/2 cup of plain flour with whole wheat or whole grain flour. (too much whole wheat flour effects the rise of the biscuits and they won’t rise as high.) And home made biscuit dough makes the best Pigs in a Blanket! Just roll out dough thinner then biscuits, cut it into triangle wedges with knife & roll hot-dog from wide end up. They reheat well, too.

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