These are a few of my favorite things.


I think it goes without saying that one of the best parts about putting up the Christmas Tree every year is looking at all the ornaments that we’ve collected over the years and remembering the good memories associated with them. Here are some of my favorite ornaments – some new this year, some family heirlooms.

  1. I got a cute make your own ornament kit this year for the kids (probably at Target) and this was the first one BB made – a cute foam star attached to a clothespin. I love that the diamonds aren’t quite centered, makes it feel more special.
  2. She also decorated this cute wooden sleigh – it’s fun to see how the kids’ artwork changes over the years. Of course I wrote her name and the date on the back in case it survives for many years and she wants to look back at it someday.
  3. I love these Baby’s First Christmas ornaments which is good because I seem to have a LOT of them so if any break, we’ve got plenty of backups!
  4. I think I’ve probably shared this one a lot – it’s one of my favorites, from our first year of marriage. ❤
  5. This was our family ornament for 2013 – I found it at the pet store and thought it would be perfect. This looks VERY similar to our dog, Doc, even down to the red collar. Adopting a pet has been a major event for us this year, one we won’t likely forget.
  6. Another of the foam ornaments BB made this year – aren’t they adorable?
  7. These shatterproof ornaments came with our tree when we bought it a couple of years ago and I love them. True to their name, we’ve never had one break. Perfect for a family with small kids.
  8. This is one of many angel ornaments from my childhood that my grandmother gave me a couple of years ago, that I just absolutely treasure. I can still vividly remember taking these out of her boxes as a child and hanging them on the tree. These ornaments make me feel like a little girl again, every. time.

Those are just a small smattering of my favorites that I photographed the other day. What are some of your favorite ornaments / seasonal memories? 

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  1. Teresa Avatar

    Ornaments hold such special memories. Some of my favorites were made by my son and daughter. Sharing the story behind yours is pretty cool.