crafty love: triangle doodle trees


Looking for a quick and easy holiday craft to keep the little ones busy on these cold winter days? Make and Takes has these adorable printable triangle doodle trees that were a big hit with my kids. The idea is pretty simple: just print out a few pages and have everyone put different little doodles in each triangle.

I’m always on the lookout for crafts that encourage open ended creativity rather than strictly cookie cutter results – I was very pleased with the very different results of each of our finished products, each beautiful in their own unique ways.

My son, age 7, had a lot of fun trying to come up with different doodle ideas for his tree – taking some cues from me but also coming up with a lot of great ideas on his own. My daughter, age 4, was more interested in simply coloring each triangle a different color and drawing “a beautiful purple sparkly star” on top. I tried to go for classic doodles that I remembered doing a lot in middle / high school and kept it strictly black and white. I loved the end results!

doodle trees