Dear Santa,


There have been a LOT of letters written / drawn for Santa this year. MM has latched onto the idea of written correspondence with the magical mascots of the holidays and run wild with the idea. The result? Adorable.

Behold, the 2013 letters to Santa.

MM's letter to Santa

This year for Christmas MM would like Doctor Who outfits (perfect for traveling through space and time in the living room), a button that makes the Tardis noise on demand and an airport playset – specifically one with the buildings and trucks and planes and everything. Probably he would like there to be tiny airport bathrooms and gift shops selling overpriced candy bars and sodas, too. Of course he included detailed diagrams of each item so that there is no chance of Santa misunderstanding. That’s my son.

From BB to Santa

MM also helped his sister with her letter to Santa since she only knows how to spell her name and the words Sunny, Mom & Dad. Here is the front of her card – with all that important to and from information and a handy instruction to “see bake (back)” for more.

BB's letter to Santa - by BB

Here’s what BB drew for her Christmas letter for Santa – she wants a pretty dress, some dolls of the princess and queen from Frozen and a toy phone. She saw a little princess smartphone at Target a few weeks ago and was absolutely mesmerized – it was the cutest thing ever. Almost as cute as that reindeer from Frozen who I’m pretty sure is related to our dog somehow. I especially like BB’s “written letter” which is a good example of the problem with teaching her how to write – she’s pretty sure she already knows exactly what she’s doing and that she’s nailing it.

BB's letter to Santa - by MM

Here is the English translation, written by big brother. The misspellings make it even cuter, amiright?

not a card

But the fun doesn’t stop there! MM had a lot more to say. Like, this is not a card. Just in case you were confused by it’s folded card-like appearance.

how to make a star

Nope, not a card at all – but rather handy instructions for Santa on how to make a star using two triangles – a trick which he’s pretty sure is the coolest thing ever invented and novel information that must be shared with all. You’re welcome.

don't forget the dog

He also sent one last card on behalf of our dog – when we hung up a store bought stocking for the dog with the words “I’ve been a good doggy!” written on it, MM was VERY concerned that Santa wouldn’t know to bring anything and that poor Doc would be left out of all the fun. Is he the cutest thing or what?? I’m sure Doc is very grateful that MM thought of him!

What do your kids want for Christmas this year?

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  1. Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? Avatar

    Those are some great letters, especially with the illustrations.

    My girls are still obsessed with all things pony, princess and houses. I don’t think they are getting those from Santa, though:)