Hiding Indoors.


It’s a lounge in our pajamas and ignore the day kind of day. A “baby it’s so cold outside they cancelled school” kind of day. Let me repeat that, because I can still barely believe it myself:

They cancelled school because it’s too cold out.

Because that’s a thing. It is currently -18 degrees out but with wind chill and whatnot, the real feel temperature is -40. Negative forty. Seriously. In Fahrenheit. When it gets this cold here in Wisconsin, they cancel school and tell people only to go outside if they absolutely have to. My husband makes excellent use of his ability to drive from his garage at home to his garage at work on days like today (and he’ll still probably need a winter hat, scarf and gloves to get from the garage to the building!

So, as I said, it’s a good day to hide indoors. We’ve already had two weeks of vacation so my motivation to be “Awesome Mom” and plan activities and arts and crafts and entertainment has pretty much dwindled down to “I’m pretty sure you can fend for yourselves” and so far that seems to be working. My kids are very good at entertaining themselves when need be and have been busy playing make believe games together since breakfast.

Mom: 1 Kids: 1 Weather: -40

4 responses to “Hiding Indoors.”

  1. MJ Avatar

    Yes. We are on day two of “I thought my kid would be back in school already.” Sadly, it’s too cold to send him outside to play. We are expecting a warming trend here in Kentucky and it’s supposed to get all the way up to 12 above zero today, so maybe there will be school tomorrow. Maybe.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Yes we have no school today either – two days of well below zero is two days too many in my book! Hopefully it’s supposed to get warmer in a couple of hours (like only -2). Hope you enjoy your additional day of vacation and stay relatively sane!


  2. Daniel (RHD) Avatar
    Daniel (RHD)

    Just thought I’d point out, -40 F is *exactly* the same temperature as -40 C. Fun bit of trivia. It’s the point at which Fahrenheit stops being the higher of the two. (-50 C is colder than -50 F).

    Lunch was a lovely brisk walk today.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Ohhh thanks for the fun fact Ruggedly Handsome Dad! :O) The more you know…