Winter in Wisconsin.

winter in wisconsin

I’m joining Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop again this week, answering the prompt:

5.) Show us what winter looks like in your neck of the woods!

Here in Wisconsin we are just barely escaping the clutches of the dreaded Polar Vortex that came around just in time to stretch out our winter vacation, causing weary mothers everywhere to collectively freak out at the prospect of being trapped indoors with the kids for another day of Chutes and Ladders and “Mommy, I’m bored” marathons. Well, I’m sure there are some Type A Wisconsin moms out there who were thrilled, but confession time? I wasn’t one of them.

When you are a kid, snow days are awesome because you get to play outside and make snow men and drink hot cocoa and watch movies, but this my friends, was not a snow day. School was not cancelled because we were drowning in eleventy feet of snow, but because it was too cold out. Too cold for school, guys. Cause that’s a thing. Here’s what the Weather Geniuses have had to say for themselves lately:

winter weather in wisconsin

In Wisconsin Winters, you get really used to hearing the word “frigid” a lot and eventually you stop wanting to slap everyone for saying it, because frankly it’s the only word that can possibly describe a wind chill that makes -9 degrees feel like -19 degrees. That makes seeing 6 degrees as the high in a few days seem like reason for celebration!!!!! Woohoo!!!!! We don’t get out much in Wisconsin winters…

So what does frigid ole Wisconsin winter LOOK like?


Watching your kids sled in the backyard with your very brave, crazy husband while you hide inside drinking hot cocoa, tea, coffee and every other warm beverage you can think of.


Hot toddy, anyone?


It looks like temperatures so low that ice is slowly crawling up your windows and sliding doors in a long, desperate attempt to take over the planet by frost power alone.


It looks like a lot of long hours spent inside, trying to come up with new ways to entertain ourselves and our small children. Here you can see my son has built a Lego diagram of grandpa’s house in Florida. Think warm thoughts, son!


Winter in Wisconsin looks like my four year old developing a drinking problem. They start younger and younger these days…


On a cold Wisconsin Winter morning, this is called “ready to go to the bus stop”.


Wisconsin winters make you wonder why you bother buying Christmas lawn ornaments at all. I swear every year the second I put out poor snoopy, we get a foot of snow the next day. Poor Snoopy.


But if you can get past the bitter cold, frigid temperatures and severe wind chill advisories and occasional massive snow storms and extended winter vacations trapped at home with the children, sometimes you get a glimpse of the beautiful things about winter, too – like tiny icicles on the branches, puffy white clouds and brilliant blue skies – and coffee. There’s always coffee.

What does Winter look like where you live?

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