A glimpse into the artwork of BB, age 4


mommy and BB drawn by BB, age 4

I’ve been really impressed lately with BB’s drawing skills. Since starting 4K, her pictures have begun to look more and more like real, deliberate drawings and less like a frantic desire to put as much color on the paper as possible.


a self portrait by BB, age 4

She’s started to develop preference and distinction in her artwork – I can tell my daughter drew it based off the shapes used to draw the face, pink eyes and humongous hands that often adorn her subjects.


a picture of mommy by BB, age 4

Most of her pictures are of family members, there is usually a lot of pink and purple going on – especially if she is drawing a girl – and a lot of them I can actually tell what I’m looking at!


The dog licking her face – a self portrait by BB, age 4

I suppose her pictures of the dog could use some work – this is the closest to accurate dog drawing I’ve seen from her and it still looks like a strange black four legged faceless creature is breathing fire on her – not like a sweet overgrown “puppy” licking her face.


A not so simple machine, invented and drawn by BB, age 4

Some of her drawings require a little more explanation. This one is both a machine that  does a lot of very complicated and unrelated things and also a pictoral symbol of her love and admiration for me, her brother, her father, her grandparents and the dog apparently.  “And there’s PINK, mommy.”

That part, I’m sure, is important.


  1. Nish says:

    Ooh, I love that drawing of the dog. I didn’t know what it was either, until you explained. So cute 🙂


  2. I can’t wait for this stage. A boat still looks identical to a flower in my eyes and we never seem to get just 2 legs. 😉


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