Another Monday!!


I feel like being Monday that I should be obligated to write something here and I certainly have plenty of interesting stories I could tell you – like how our dryer stopped working again (but we think we know the problem and can fix it) or how I signed the kids up for summer camps. I could tell you about how our dog is so high energy and ridiculous that the doggy day care class for high energy dogs totally said, “Thanks, but no thanks. That dog is just too much.” Tell me something I don’t know.

I could tell you about my super duper cute new shoes that are also ergonomic and probably the nicest shoes I’ve ever owned. I could tell you about how we are refinishing the dining room chairs and how excited I am about how they are looking so far. I could wax poetic about how we’re watching Veronica Mars again and it’s kind of extraordinary – there is plenty of stuff to be excited about and complain about but I just…

I think it’s just that it’s still that time of year where I feel kind of stifled and monotonous like it’s just a long string of days that look and feel and sound exactly the same – it’s called winter. And truthfully it’s actually starting to get warmer here (knock on wood) but until all that snow melts and the grass and trees start to come alive again… March is not my favorite month. I think we can safely just leave it at that.

I’ll try and think of something more fascinating to blog about soon – and share some of the other pictures I’ve been taking when I have the motivation to actually go through and see which ones I haven’t shared yet.

For now – Happy Monday. Enjoy a picture of my daughter being her usual silly, contrary little self.

2 responses to “Another Monday!!”

  1. Jean Avatar

    I could tell you that we finally hit 68 degrees today and that this how March is supposed to be for us…but I’ll just keep it to myself. 🙂


  2. mjaj74 Avatar

    I feel like if I don’t see things green and blooming soon I may implode. Happy Monday anyway!