superWhen I saw these boxer / tank combo sets at Target, complete with masks, I thought they were possibly the cutest thing ever.

Then my son got super excited about the Iron Man set and my daughter announced she wanted the Donatello TMNT set (probably just because of the purple) and I mentally died, just picturing the cuteness and truthfully bought them both just so I could take the pictures you see here.

I justified to myself that they’d make perfectly acceptable pajamas to lounge around in and would probably get a good bit of use just for imaginative play, too – and buying my daughter a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle outfit sends an awesome gender neutral / Female Empowerment message, don’t you think? Buying them would be both sensible and educational and empowering AND promote creative play – Mother of The Year Award Stuff, I tell you!

They were in their glory last night when they tried them on and it was just as cute as I imagined. Both kids hammed it up for the camera and apart from the expected blurriness of two kids running around ecstatically in a dimly lit room while I took pictures with my phone – it was a pretty successful photo shoot.

BB’s mask broke before they fell asleep that night, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. At least I got photographic evidence before it was destroyed.

Cuteness was here.

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  1. Jean Avatar

    Aw that is adorable! Hey look at me I think I’m at a place to get back on the blogging train. 🙂 A good friend of mines daughter was a ninja turtle for Halloween cutest homemade Donatello ever!