10 Things I Learned in February


Tomorrow we March one step closer to the Spring (see what I did there?) and leave February behind us. The weather outside certainly doesn’t support this statement but eventually it’s bound to catch up with the calendar, right? Right??

While we ponder this question of weather and logic (or lack thereof), let’s think about all the things we learned this month – for better or  worse. I’m linking up again with the lovely Emily from Chatting at the Sky and her immensely popular Things I Learned series.

Here is what I learned in February:

  1. I learned that my daughter has her future all mapped out and that I can expect three grandchildren from her: “When I’m a grown up I will tell all three of my kids to go to sleep and then I will draw a birdie, okay mommy?
  2. I learned that taking the time to meditate is good for me AND for the kids – they love meditating and it relaxes all of us. Unsurprising since it involves sitting very still and being quiet – no wonder I like it!
  3. I came to the realization this month that “clean” can mean very different things depending on who you are talking to and who is coming over.
  4. I learned that pretty much all my daughter has to do to turn me into a puddly mess is use the word “whilst” in a sentence which she does quite often for a four year old girl.
  5. I think everyone who is friends with me on Facebook learned that when I really like a book, it will completely consume me and I will refuse to talk about anything else for at least 24 hours. (See my review of Fangirl here!!)
  6. I learned that sometimes you have to take another look at your situation and think about what is going well and what isn’t. I’ve been dragging the kids to karate lessons 2-4 times a week since September and for one of my children this is totally worth it and for another it’s a complete waste of my time that could be spent doing something else. BB has decided to call it a day with karate and return to a hobby that wants you to spend the class looking in a mirror and twirling around. Yup, we’re going to give ballet another shot next month and she is VERY excited, especially because she’ll have a bestie in class with her. And it only meets once a week – is it wrong that this is terribly exciting news to me?
  7. I learned I am definitely not a speed reader – I’m only about 10% faster than the average adult, only mildly faster than your average 8th grader and quite a bit slower than a college student or a speed reader (or my husband). Are you a speed reader?
  8. I learned that almond cake may be my most favorite dessert in the universe – I need to learn to make it myself ASAP because oh my lord.
  9. I learned that sometimes you need to go back to basics and do what works – the dog has been terrifically uncooperative with me lately and I realized yesterday that I could make my life a lot easier if I start bribing him to behave better and take advantage of the fact that he is so food motivated. Why did I stop bothering to do this???
  10. I learned that Jim Parsons can make me squeal like a fangirl – the Shamy Kiss was so surprising and fantastic that I may have jumped up and down and shrieked with joy and may have watched it again later on youtube. It was almost as good as this:

2 responses to “10 Things I Learned in February”

  1. Victoria Avatar

    Hey! Found you from Emily’s link up 🙂 SQUEE on that Sherlock kiss lol On a more serious note, almond cake? I’ll have to find me some and give it a try. Sounds yummo!


  2. Ashley Wells Avatar

    I learned about speed reading this month too, and I did not measure well on the speed reading scale…I then read a book hoping to learn to read faster and just gave up. I’d rather read for fun and be slow then feel like reading is work! Ha…so I’m okay being a slow reader.