Family Portrait by MM, age 7.

Alternate title: A study on perspective.

family portrait by MM

The kids spent several hours the other day working on this epic, heavily detailed family portrait. From what I know of each kids’ drawing skills I believe this is mostly the handiwork of MM, age nearly 8, though I think BB had a lot of power over color choice judging by her meticulous outfit and my very very red shoes.

I’m not sure if the kids think I am larger than life and of the utmost importance in their world or if this is MM’s attempt at showing perspective – given that on most family walks I am often trailing slowly behind the group and would thus be closer to the foreground. That’s totally it, right?

I also love that our dog, Doc, looks like a cross between a horse and Mickey Mouse… although now that I think about it – that’s pretty accurate.


  1. Jean says:

    Love it! Of course you are their world so it only makes sense you are larger than life. Nice shoes!


  2. go Mama O says:

    Really cute – yes, mom looms large in kids’ lives!


  3. Nish says:

    awww, so sweet 🙂


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