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5 more tips from your favorite 4 year old fashionista.


1. Don’t be afraid to wear all the things. You can rock Minnie Mouse, Sofia, Hello Kitty and (on the backpack) Disney Princesses and chic ballerinas all in one look. Pro tip: Wear shoes that keep the best parts of your socks visible!


2. Add a touch of femininity to a foxy leopard print sun dress with pink ribbons and a touch of nature. Bonus: Vibrant colors can make up for a lack of spring flowers in your yard.


3. Make your own rules. The world can call them jelly shoes / jellies – if you want to call them ice shoes, go for it. Don’t be afraid to tell your mother she’s wrong. Every. day.


4. I’m all about the hard and soft. And it doesn’t take a lot of work to achieve this look: A pink braid subtly tucked to one side makes every look a little fiercer, effortlessly.


5. When getting your nails done, don’t feel the need to “choose” – can’t decide on a color? Get both. Want all the bling? Get all the bling! This is no time for being practical, so relax.

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By Jen E @ mommablogsalot

Mom to 2 kids and 1 dog. Wife of 1 handsome engineer. I'm almost always found behind the camera, in front of the computer, lost in a good book or dragging my family on another new adventure.

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