weekend link love: june 27, 2014


June and all it’s hectic chaos of vacation planning, summer camps, tornado warnings and bug spray fumes is nearly a passing trend as July starts whispering sweet nothing promises of casual summer fun, sandy beaches, exciting new adventures and patriotic holidays. The calendar and the school year officially agree now : It Is Summer!

Whether you are on the Yay! or Nay!! side of summer today, or somewhere ambivalently in between, I hope you’ll enjoy this assortment of links found on the interwebs this week. Need to duck into a bathroom for three minutes of blessed privacy and laugh at something funny or have an all the feels moment with something true? Might I offer…


Have a great weekend!

One response to “weekend link love: june 27, 2014”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    Off to check out the 19 dilemmas and the cooking one. I always have trouble figuring out what to cook. =)