How auctions work.


I explained to MM recently how auctions work. We were playing LIFE Twist & Turns and he landed on an auction space and asked what an auction was so I very carefully and elaborately explained the concept to him using my phone as an example and then went off on a long tangent about how most auctions are for things like paintings and antique furniture but that there are websites like ebay where people really do auction off things like cell phones or used clothes, etc.

I thought I’d completely lost his interest by the time I finished (when did I become the parent that goes off on half hour tangents about very simple questions??) but then he drew me a very detailed diagram of what I’d explained to him to show me that he understood or that he was in the mood to draw an elaborate picture. One of those things, for sure.

Originally the phone being auctioned in his drawing was MY phone but when I asked why I would bid on my own phone, he agreed to change it to hubby’s phone instead. I’m not really sure why I’d pay money to buy a phone from my husband but at least he gets the idea.

Other observations:

  • Bidding is super fun. Not bidding makes you sad. BID MORE!
  • MM was shocked that I would spend TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS on a phone. Poor kid is in for a rude awakening someday.
  • Probably we should bid on clothing next, because all three of us are woefully naked.
  • On the plus side, we’re all pretty skinny, too. Is there a Stick Man Diet I should know about? Get on that marketing guys!
  • BB had absolutely no say in this auction. Maybe she would have spent more than $25 if she’d been home to speak for herself and then I wouldn’t be able to buy my husband’s phone from him. Darn.
  • Sometimes your kids are listening even when it doesn’t look like it. For better or worse, guys.
  • I’m not sure if I spent $25 or $999. This was not made clear to me.
  • Mom always wins.


2 responses to “How auctions work.”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    I agree with the above commenter, probably balloons. lol Love that he understood and wanted to show you that he got it.


  2. grayharley Avatar

    I think the 999 are party balloons showing that you won