On cash registers, forgetfulness and how messy my office is.


I bought the kids this cash register so they could play store and learn about money all at the same time. That was like a year ago though and I stored it in my office to give to them at the next major holiday and then literally forgot all about it. Seriously. After MONTHS of researching toy cash registers and humming and hawing and reading reviews and waiting for enough amazon points and finally purchasing, I forgot all about it.

Some might point out that this proves how little our kids need to be happy, about how much stuff kids can get and how little we actually need. Minimalism and all that. I agree. But I was still grateful when I came across it the other day on a day that happened to need a major distraction and it was PERFECT. It showed up at exactly the right time, like I had planned it or something. And it happens to be the perfect toy cash register because I spent a lot of time picking it out – and the kids are thrilled and the mom is thrilled and it was all worth it after all.

Is there a point to this story? I have no idea. I probably had one and then lost it.

One response to “On cash registers, forgetfulness and how messy my office is.”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    My kids have so much fun playing store!