Things My Five Year Old Says: About Food.


A recent conversation between BB, Age 5 and my Husband:

Dan to BB:

Would you like peanut butter and jelly?

BB to Dan:

Daddy, For the past three days I have had peanut butter and jelly. And they were not good days.

Wondering what she wanted instead? Peanut butter and honey. I guess that’s what you need to have a good day. In other words, my daughter continues to be the World’s Cutest Drama Queen.

2 responses to “Things My Five Year Old Says: About Food.”

  1. Karen Avatar

    that is just too cute, don’t you love their logic and reasoning. My son has said some doozies and it cracks me up


  2. Betsy Avatar

    That is too funny! The things that come out of their mouths…