Link Love 2015: Volume Two


I’m gonna try doing the wordy thing today where I add a bit of narrative to my weekend links. You know I don’t want you to feel like everything is changing and your beloved weekend link love post is not the veritable copy and paste deal it usually resembles so insert your own witty statement here about how crazy the weather is (mild 20-30’s – whaaat?) and how ridonkulously busy I am cause like life, motherhood, work, it’s hard guys. Still true.

I made these slow cooker taco chicken bowls yesterday and it came out deeeelicious. I love when a slow cooker literally saves the day on those busy “but when the heck am I supposed to cook??” kind of days and it actually tastes good, too. Bonus points: It was pretty darn quick to throw together that morning, too.

My local Starbucks Barista (love her) made me a cinnamon dolce steamer yesterday when I said “I kinda want to try a steamer but I have no idea what to order.” I’m still craving more. I’ve tried making steamers at home and have had less than exciting results. I might try this recipe I found online to make your own cinnamon dolce syrup (it’s actually a recipe for the latte, but you can just skip the espresso and bam you’ve got a steamer).

Everyone is talking about how you can now mail your enemies glitter. This is quite possibly one of the meanest things I can imagine. Not exactly painful but not exactly not painful. Tell your hubbies they’d better not forget your anniversary this year.

I hate to be that person who talks about Valentine’s Day too early but Mommy Shorts did share four really cute reasonably easy ideas for Heart Day Treats that are worth checking out. Or we can get all 1987 this Valentines Day and buy the preboxed packages of Valentines (with no crafty additions – who’s with me???) and supermarket cookies that we eat three weeks before Valentines Day and accidentally forget to share with the kids.

Lastly I leave you with this picture from the Porch Sitting Union of America that keeps making me giggle.


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  1. Jean Avatar

    I saw that last pic on facebook I it.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      Yeah I totally shared it there first. 🙂