Geekly Links: 5 Things for Friday

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Hello sweeties and happy Friday! If you need something to fill your fangirl cups this weekend, might I offer…

Your weekly Cumberfix: Benedict discusses baby names and photobombing with Ellen Degeneres.

Haters beware. You can now mail glitter to the next person that gives you the side eye about your Rainbow Rowell / Doctor Who / Guardians of the Galaxy / Magic the Gathering / Whatever Obsession. This would pretty much destroy my husband.

The best two minutes of the Golden Globes: Was definitely Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader reciting beloved movie lines…. sort of. Although Benedict Cumberbatch’s latest photobomb was a strong contender.

Play Who Said It: Mindy Lahiri or Liz Lemon? I got 15 out of 20 right – can you beat my score?

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