Tackling 365 Again.

Some of you might remember that I used to participate in the 365 Project. For about 3 years I attempted to take at least one picture every day, in an attempt to better my photography skills via repetition and inspiration. It totally worked. Aside from the peer pressure to take more pictures, I got to know a lot of photographers really well and was inspired by their photos to take more, better pictures. I developed friendships while developing my skills and it was totally worth it.

But after a few years I burned out on the project and for the most part I still continued to take pictures but over the years my dedication and inspiration has dwindled. Which I guess is fine but when 365 warned me that my account would be deactivated soon, I found I couldn’t let it go just yet. For funsies, I uploaded some upload worthy pictures from January.


Now I adore all of these pictures but I was a little disappointed to see how few of them there were. To be fair: On most of those days I took quite a few pictures. I’m trying not to cheat just yet and choose only one best photo for each day. But look at all of those days that I either took no pictures or took no pictures worth uploading. I can do better than this. I want to do better than this.

So here is my photo for February 1st:

A portrait by BB, Age 5
A portrait by BB, Age 5

May there be many more to follow.  I know my time constraints are larger than usual but I think with a little effort that I can do this again and find my inspiration and motivation to click more.

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2 responses to “Tackling 365 Again.”

  1. Jean Avatar

    I really need to get back into it too. Not sure yet if I’m ready to dedicate a full 365.


    1. Jen E @ mommablogsalot Avatar

      I’m not too concerned about hitting 365 so much as getting close.