What’s saving my life right now.


Anne @ Modern Mrs. Darcy was writing about the things that save her life during the busy, trying, stressful times of life – I don’t know about you, but for me that kinda describes all the days right now. As I continue to work extra hours at work, cart children to karate lessons, push them through homework and struggle to keep up with all of the homelife chores that are so easy to ignore – and then add in winter fun like scraping cars, shoveling driveways, searching for missing mittens and the like – yeah, it’s fun times.

Anne is right to say that it’s easy to think of all the things making life difficult.

“Even though most of us can easily articulate what’s killing us, but few of us pay attention to what’s giving us life.”

i.e. Sometimes we need to be reminded to stop and smell the roses. To see the things that are making our lives better and to acknowledge them. Anne has been making her list and now I’m going to do the same.

Here are some things saving my life right now.

  1. Almond milk steamers. And little frothing wands so that I can make them at home. And this. I gave up caffeine about a year ago and apparently now I’ve given up dairy (at least temporarily) so steamed almond milk is my new placebo and it’s ridiculous how addictive they are.
  2. After School Care. I’d have a hard time remaining gainfully employed without the amazing after school care program at my kids’ school which is affordable and acts as a bonus venue for my kids to do their homework without me having to nag over them for every little step. They still come home with plenty but it’s nice to get my breaks when I can.
  3. John Mayer. Some friends of mine were teasing me about my John Love the other day but I don’t care because I adore him and his music keeps me sane on the bad days and the good. I’ve been a fan for over 10 years now and I’m amazed at how his music stands the test of time with me. Between the lyrics, the awesome guitar playing and his copious amounts of live recordings – his albums are some of the only ones that pass the test of “but are all the songs good?” LOVE.
  4. Regular Game Nights. AKA Friends without Kids. It’s hard to make the commitment to get out and see my friends but we are blessed to have terrific friends that don’t have kids and thus can come to us and hang out until the wee hours playing Cards Against Humanity or Fluxx or watching Archer or whatever really. No baby sitter required.
  5. Other friends, too. I really am blessed with a great social circle. I am an active member of a book club, play team trivia at least once a month, and it’s all thanks to that meetup.com group that I joined when we moved here 5+ years ago when I was looking for friends for my kids but found friends for me instead. I am blessed to have met these amazing women and love that I can find the time to see them semi-regularly.
  6. A very helpful husband. I’ve got a guy who can fix anything, cooks way better than me (and cleans better than me, too). He can sew stuff that needs sewing, listen to me vent about xyz, tolerates my absolute lack of ability to wake up in the morning and is general good at everything and handsome, too. Yes, I won the lottery. No, you can’t have him.
  7. My kindle and the millions of other good books cluttering our home. I thrive on having a good book to lose myself in on a long day. Right now I’m losing myself in this and I’m obsessed. Obsessed.
  8. Fluffy blankets, space heaters and warm sweaters. I hate the winter and I live in Wisconsin. This is a vexing thing. Also, my otherwise perfect husband seems to run extremely warm and always wants the thermastat at temperatures that make my hands permanently feel like they are under ice water. Warm cozies go a long way towards surviving these maladies.
  9. Funny stuff and a sense of humor. I’m all about the funny right now. I’ve got enough drama for this lifetime so I’m trying to focus on entertainment that amuses rather than torments. I want silly celebrity memoirs, tv shows starring the funniest people that you’ve seen on SNL, songs by Meghan Trainor and friends that can make me literally LOL. Luckily I have access to all of these things.
  10. Not having to make even numbered lists. Whoops.

What things are saving your life right now?

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  1. So are you done with Cinder at this point and on to Scarlet or still on Cinder? My thinking is you are so00 onto Scarlet, you didn’t even pause to get to the next. 😉 Loved your review. Can you tell I’m so obsessed that I have hijacked your commentary to only talk about Cinder and Scarlet? She just released Fairest but I think it’s one of those in between books like from The Selection series. I’ll probably cave though.


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