Link Love 2015: Volume 4


I hope you guys like this graphic for weekend link love because I’ve been too lazy to make a new one. I hear that some people use the same graphic for regularly recurring blog posts annnnyway so maybe it’s about time.

My husband saw a post for this Try the World subscription service on my facebook feed and was like STOP CLICK THAT!!! I don’t know if we’ll go for it or not but it sounds divine. $33-39 every 2 months gets you a box of food stuffs from places all over the world with a location theme for each box. Right now  they are selling a box with goodies from Venice.

My husband made Ree’s Queso Fundito for our super bowl party and it was ridiculously delicious and gone way too fast. Next time I’m going to make a batch just for myself and tell nobody.

I made these bacon wrapped dates which my friend made for our White Elephant Party and they were shockingly good and the best part is bacon and dates are literally the only ingredients. I recommend using a half slice of bacon instead of the 1/3 they recommend in this recipe. 1/3 strips didn’t quite wrap around all the way and a few of them popped right out of their wraps. Still delish.

I took Scary Mommy’s quiz to find out how many children I should have and I guess now I need to figure out how to return one because apparently I should have only had one. Anybody want a glitter obsessed dictator or a science geek who burns through books like it’s his job but won’t remember to feed the dog? Or better yet, anybody want the dog?


Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Jean Avatar

    “If we’re going to show up, we’re going to show out…smoother than a fresh jar of skippy.” -this line has literally been running through my head for days so I the last image was kind of fitting for me. 🙂