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Humble Bragging: I’m raising the next Emma Stone.


This weekend my daughter made her acting debut in the Kindergarten Class Play, titled The Glum Princess in which she played the title role. You can see above that she took her acting seriously, being as expressively glum as possible. If it’s not obvious, she’s the one in purple on the  far right looking about as grumpy as a kid can get.

The audience laughed hard as she stomped loudly across the stage and rudely insulted all the pet animals that the townspeople had brought her as a gift in an attempt to cheer her up. Then at the end of the play, she does a complete 180 and turns into the most delightfully happy princess in the universe after becoming utterly smitten with a pet dragon – much to her parents’ chagrin!


A lot of people praised her acting and remarked at how well she played her role – and I couldn’t help but laugh because truthfully playing a grumpy drama queen in a tiara and fancy dress is not muuuuuch of a stretch for her, honestly but in all seriousness, I’ll admit – I was blown away by it, too. We’ve got your next big movie star right here in Wisconsin, folks!

And if that doesn’t pan out, she might have a career as an artist to aspire to also.



2 responses to “Humble Bragging: I’m raising the next Emma Stone.”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    she seems like a pretty great kid!


  2. Jean Avatar

    I think you’re right she probably fit it perfectly. She has found her niche!