Starfruit: or Adventures in Rock Star Parenting


Every now and then I like to pretend I’m one of those Uber Mommy Rockstars that probably has an immaculately clean house and totally washed-this-morning hair; and is always doing some fun “project” with the kids.

In said fantasies, I carefully construct some masterpiece using toothpicks, pom poms and a can do attitude and photograph the whole thing for the Pinstagram Glory (I invented a hybrid app that is part instagram / part pinterest / not redundant, honestly) and then I make a homemade organic dinner that my children actually eat instead of inspecting like it’s a crime scene and then bursting into tears when they realize, nope – that’s food. 

Then I snap out of my reverie and realize that I left laundry in the washing machine three days ago, I forgot to water my plants again and they look super dead and my kids have been watching Strawberry Shortcake on Netflix for at least three hours – and also, I forgot to cook dinner. #truestory

Luckily, I can still look sort of like a rock star Uber Mom for at least five minutes when I have a surge of motivation and then another surge of follow through.


I took the kids to the grocery store this week and while we were perusing the fruit aisle, I did that Pinterest Mom trick of “why don’t we pick a fruit we’ve never had before and see what it tastes like!” and the kids were all about it and lunged straight for the stair fruit because it looks crazzzzzyyyyyyy.

Then I remembered to actually serve it to the kids a couple days later and YAY – it wasn’t dead yet. Luckily the internet was there to tell me how to serve starfruit and it’s not super complicated. You just need a sharp knife and the ability to follow basic instructions. And the end result happens to be gorgeous and photographable, even if you are just using your smart phone in a somewhat well lit-ish room.

For you less adventurous moms that are like “Sure, but what does it taste like?”

It has a pretty mild taste. My husband compared it to an apple / melon hybrid. I felt the faintest hint of pinneaple like flavor. It was not the best fruit I’ve ever tasted but then – who knows if it was even fully ripe yet? The kids liked it enough to eat a few slices and nobody spit it out and said “ewww!”

I’m not sure it’s a fruit worthy of regular rotation but it would make an awesome addition to a party or cute bento box style lunch where fruit that is naturally star shaped is likely be appreciated.

2 responses to “Starfruit: or Adventures in Rock Star Parenting”

  1. Betsy Avatar

    We might have to do that at the farmers market this weekend!


  2. Kate Unger Avatar

    I love this! So true. Kudos to you for doing something fun. Your kids will remember those moments. No mom needs to be perfect all the time. 🙂